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Lauren T. Enterprises offers an unlimited portfolio of products manufactured by an array of national and international manufacturers & foundries. With a reputation for quality, Lauren T. Enterprises is constantly improving our ability to service you by consistently adding new product lines and respected manufacturers. 

While most standard products are in stock, the majority of our products can also be designed to your customized specs. Customization can include but is not confined to modifying: dimensions, KO and hole layouts, cover inscriptions and types and ratings, hardware options, and rebar configurations.

Precast Concrete Products 


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  • Manholes, Handholes, Vaults, Boxes, Drywells, Basins
  • All Ratings: Sidewalk-Rated, Roadway-Rated, Aircraft-Rated, Fiber Optic-Rated
  • All Agency Specs: Con Edison Property Line Boxes (B-36, DB-6, M8, M11-6, PL-24, TS),  Fire Dept Boxes, DOT Lighting & DOT Traffic Boxes, Service End Boxes, Port Authority Boxes
  • Light Pole Base Foundations, Bollards, Ballasts
  • Light Pole Caps, Mats
  • Transformer Pads, Equipment & Material Pads
  • All Agency Specs: Con Edison, LIPA, MTA, PSE&G
  • *Lauren T. Enterprises is the Exclusive Distributor for the MTA-Approved New York Transit NYCTA Precast Concrete Material Pad
  • Portable Barriers
  • Road Slabs
  • Pavers, Blocks
Cast & Polymer Products 
  • Cast Iron Frames & Covers, Cast & Steel Gratings, Cast & Steel Doors
  • All Ratings: Sidewalk-Rated, Roadway-Rated, Aircraft-Rated, Fiber Optic-Rated
  • All Inscriptions
  • Cast Iron Boxes, Cast Aluminum Boxes, Explosion-Proof Housings
  • Polymer Concrete Boxes & Handholes - Quazite
  • Fiberglass, Plastic, Polymer, Polyethylene Enclosures
  • Submersible Boxes
  • Ground Wells & Test Wells
Accessories, Hardware, & Other Components 
  • Cable Rack Stanchions, Arms, & Insulators
  • Crabs, Limiters
  • Extension Risers, Increment Rings
  • Link-Seal, Sleeves
  • Vibration Pads 
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